Kimchi Hut, Glen Waverley

Kimchi Hut is located in the Glen Waverley eatery area, just off Kingsway closer to the car parks. It's not a very big restaurant, but has a sort of comfortable home like feel to it. The staff were quite friendly and attentive, coming to us several times as we were deciding what to eat. They also offered us corn tea- a tradition Korean herbal tea made from boiled roasted corn kernels. 
Between three of us, we ordered the Beef sizzling BBQ ($15.50), Stewed Rice Cake ($15) and the Assorted Seafood Claypot Soup ($16.90) to share, and we also had a bowl of rice each. The great thing about Korean restaurants is that the main meals always come with an assortment of side dishes to go with, to give the dishes that extra flavour, or just to freshen your palette in between. 

The portions were more than enough for the three of us, and we were feeling quite full by the end. The Beef BBQ had lots of strong flavours and was quite spicy, though I thought the meat could've been a bit more tender. This sort of dish goes really well with plain rice, as it ensures you don't feel overpowered by all the flavours and sometimes saltiness. 

The stewed rice cake was slightly different to the rice cakes I've associated with Korean food- it was much softer, to the point of feeling slightly squishy when eaten. I normally expect rice cake to be slightly chewy, so this was a bit of an unexpected change. The dish was nowhere as spicy as we had expected though- we decided to order it based on the photo in the menu, and it turned out completely different, which was confusing. 

The seafood soup included mussel, prawn, scallops and fish as well as tofu and some asian greens. The soup itself was spicy and flavoursome, though the fish was a bit fiddly to eat as there were little bones everywhere. It was a good dish nonetheless, and I felt that it was like having a mini hotpot- perfect for the cold weather.

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