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Jungle Juice is located in Central Pl, right near Degraves St and Flinders Lane. It's pretty easy to miss as the cafe is so small- we actually walked past it without realising and had to double back. I decided to try out this place because it had a relatively high rating on Urbanspoon, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the overall experience. 

The service of the cafe in general was pretty bad. Firstly, we were waiting outside for awhile, unsure if we had to wait for a table or if they were closing soon, and the staff just kept serving people who were there to just buy coffee. A customer was kind enough to allow us to sit at a small table of three outside while we waited, and he shifted to another smaller table. Small table is actually a bit of an exaggeration- it was more like a small plank, with seats on either side. There was clearly insufficient space were we to order meals, as it looks to be designed for only placing your coffee on top. We sat for awhile, wondering if a staff member was going to approach us. However, the staff didn't seem interested in attending to us, so we finally ventured into the cafe itself to ask if there was seats inside available. Another example of the poor service was the fact that we didn't get asked if we wanted any drinks to start with, yet when the people at the next table arrived, they were immediately asked so, in spite of the fact we were served by the same staff member. 

Luckily, there were a couple of people leaving so we did get a table. There were three children's storybooks on the table when we sat down- which I thought was rather cute, and then we opened it to find out it was actually the menu, which was pretty cool. As the cafe's name is Jungle Juice, I thought it would be appropriate to choose a juice from here. The menu indicates four types of special juices, and there is also a juice of the day to choose from. However, many of the ingredients for the juices weren't available when I wanted to order them, which was a bit of a let down. This may have been because it was past 2pm when we went, and many people ordered juice, as the cafe opens at 830am. Nonetheless, it would've been nice to have been told at the start that they couldn't make three out of the four juices on the menu, to save us some disappointment. 

Jungle Juice's menu consists largely of NY toasted bagel dishes, so we opted to go for such dishes when ordering. The three we chose were the Salmon Bagel ($12), the Royale ($16.50) and the John West ($17.50). As stated by the menu, the salmon bagel consisted of smoked salmon, cream cheese, spanish onion, avocado, capers and rocket. My friend requested no capers in the dish, so it was left out, but I later realised that there wasn't any spanish onion in it either for some reason. Overall, there was too much salt and pepper in the dish, so much that the salt even overpowered the taste of the cream cheese, which was a let down. My friend also ordered a flat white, which was strong, but quite average. 

The Royale consisted of two free range poached eggs on a grilled bagel, topped with crispy bacon, cheese and diced tomato, and drizzled with jungle mayo. There was also a lot of rocket placed on top of the bagel, which my friend thought was rather unnecessary. Rocket by itself is quite bitter, and without any dressing, it just seemed excessive. It didn't really go with the rest of the bagel, and my friend just ended up leaving it all. There was a piece of bacon that was also completely burnt and inedible, and the other pieces were only crispy in the parts that were very burnt. The poached eggs were done well however, and oozed out when cut open. Without the rocket, the combination of the bacon, tomato, cheese and eggs made for a good dish. 

The John West was similar to the salmon bagel, with smoked salmon, two free range poached eggs, avocado, capers and rocket. There wasn't actually any capers in my bagel either, despite the fact I didn't ask to have it removed. The bagel was quite difficult to eat (as was the Royale) - there was so much on top that it wasn't feasible to use the cutlery provided-  and I ended up using my hands, which got quite messy with the avocado and mayo. I felt that the jungle mayo they drizzled on top of the eggs was quite sour, but it did give the eggs and whole bagel a zingy acidic hit to it. 

A strange consistency we found with all of our bagels was random hits of saltiness in our dishes. You would suddenly have a bite and experience a strong hit of salt, which needed washing down with copious amounts of water. Despite all of the negativity however, the bagels generally had good flavours as the ingredients are known to go well together, and I was impressed that the bagels didn't become soggy, nor too tough, even though there were so many ingredients on them. 

I will most likely not visit this cafe again, even if just to try their juices. The bagels felt overpriced for the quality we were given, and you can easily get cheaper and more variety of bagels elsewhere in the CBD, such as from Manchester Press. Granted, Manchester Press's bagels don't come with eggs on top, but given the prices and various types available to choose from, and the fact that each comes with salad on the side, I would much rather go there.

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