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Finally decided to try out Huxtaburger as I'd heard so much about how great this place was. And as there was a new Huxtaburger that opened in the CBD, I thought it was finally time to see what all the fuss was about. The Huxtaburger in the CBD is located in a little lane off Flinders Lane, about halfway between Elizabeth Street and Queen St, near the Grand Mercure Melbourne. The restaurant itself isn't very big, with only a handful of seats inside. There's also a couple of tables outside though, for those who go in a group of more than two people. The seating inside has an American diner feel to it, with a row of two person 'cubicles' surrounding two walls of the restaurant. 

The menu items are displayed on a board above where the kitchen and counter where you order is, and there's an old school feel to it that reminds me of a blackboard. There are no pictures, only descriptions of what each burger's ingredients are, as well as a drinks menu to the right.

My friend and I both decided to order the Huxtaburger ($8.50), as that was what I had heard was the best one, and also shared a large chipotle fries ($3). However, I was slightly disappointed when our orders came, as the burger looked quite small and flimsy. Upon my first bite, I found that the beef patty was quite thin and not very juicy, and the bun was a bit soggy down the bottom, as there were too many ingredients on top of it. Despite the slight sogginess though, there was a nice crispiness to the bun, and the flavours of the burger overall was quite good. The cucumbers at the bottom of the burger gave it an extra crunch and sweetest that I really enjoyed, but I felt there was too much mayo and mustard in comparison to the amount of lettuce and beef patty, and at times the mayo flavour was very overpowering. 

The chipotle fries were extremely crunchy and smokey which was really nice, even as we got to the bottom of the cup. However, although the chips were described on the board as smokey and spicy, I couldn't really taste the spiciness until I got to the chips down the very end, which was a bit disappointing. 

Given the hype of this burger place, I was overall quite disappointed with my experiences of it. Perhaps the burgers at the original Huxtaburger in Smith St are better, though I have yet to decide if I will give it another shot. For the price that these burgers are charged, I would much prefer to spend a couple more dollars for a more hearty burger elsewhere, such as  Grill'D. 

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