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Affogato is a little cafe located in Hardware Lane, in between Bourke and Lt Bourke St, opposite the popular macaron shop, La Belle Miette. I decided to go here because it was one of the top ten brunch places in the CBD on Urbanspoon, and a friend's friend liked it so much they'd go every couple of weeks. 

The cafe itself isn't very big, but there are quite a few tables outside. Reservations are only taken on weekdays, and the breakfast menu runs until 1pm, and then from there it's the lunch menu. The staff were very friendly and attentive, coming up to us multiple times during our meal and asking if we wanted water, or how our meals were. The cafe feels very cosy, as a lot of the seats are just a long wooden bench with an assortment of cushions on top. You can hear and partially see the sounds from the kitchen as you're seated- it is just separated from the rest of the cafe by a wooden fence. 

As this was an espresso bar, we couldn't come here and not order the Affogato drink ($4.80). An Affogato is essentially an espresso shot that comes with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. So it is quite a strong drink, but the vanilla ice cream gives it a sweeter taste and balances it out a little better. There was a lovely aroma to the coffee, which also had a sharp taste that gave you a pleasant lingering aftertaste. I also ordered an orange juice ($4.00), which was very refreshing and cool.

We went before 1pm as we specifically wanted to try the breakfast dishes, many of which were described very enticingly from the menu that you could read online. The dishes we ordered were the Ham Omelette ($12.50) and the Affogato ($14.50). The ham omelette consisted of shaved ham, tomato, spanish onion, spinach and cheese with toast.  It was very refreshing and light, yet had good robust flavours. In particular, there was a lot of diced tomato on it which brought out that refreshing feel, and the spanish onion could be tasted in each bite, yet did not have so much that it was overpowering, as the onion flavour can often be. The pepper on top of the omelette gave it that extra hit and nicely brought out the other flavours of the dish, which was a nice seasoning as opposed to salt. There wasn't as much spinach as I expected, but it was still enough that you got some every few mouthfuls. I also would've liked to have had more cheese in the omelette, as it wasn't a very distinct flavour in the dish. The slice of bread on the side was crunchy but not too tough which was great, and ensured you were feeling full by the end.

The Affogato is a specialty of the cafe, and included two poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise, avocado and garlic mushrooms with toast. Both eggs were cooked to perfection with the egg yolk oozing out when cut into, and the hollandaise sauce went very well with the rest of the ingredients, and gave it an extra zingy taste. It was a good, fresh combination of ingredients that wasn't too oily or salty. Granted, it may be slightly bland by itself, but given the option of adding however much salt and pepper to the dish gives you the ability to adjust it to your own preferences. The garlic mushrooms had strong mushroom flavours, but you couldn't really taste the garlic in it, unfortunately. Overall, the portion of the dish was great, and left you feeling very full by the end.

I will most definitely be coming to Affogato again, either to try out some of their other breakfast dishes, or perhaps the lunch menu, as it too looks to be very appealing! 

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  1. Worthless Breakfast location
    Toast and scrambled egg were cold and they do not clean the tables on time.
    Everything was served cold..
    Brekky for two people 60 dollars just for two dishes


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