Moka Pot Cafe, Balwyn North

5/02/2013 , 0 Comments

Moka Pot Cafe is located in a small shopping district in Balwyn North, about a 5-10 minute drive from the Doncaster Westfield Shoppingtown. The atmosphere of the cafe was quiet lively, with lots of chatter and bustling around by staff and the constant flow of people coming and leaving. There's seating both inside and outside the cafe, and there was actually quite a lot more tables in the cafe itself than I had expected, given the size of it from the outside. 

The service was very good, considering that we went at a very busy time when the whole cafe was full of people. The staff were attentive and friendly, and we didn't have to wait very long for our orders, which was definitely a plus. The breakfast menu goes for the whole day, though the kitchen does close at 2:30pm. There is a good range of breakfast and lunch options to choose from, and there's also a great variety of desserts if you're feeling like something sweet after your meal. 

The dishes we ordered were the Health Kick ($16.50) and the Salmon Scramble ($16.90). The Health Kick included poached eggs on toast, served with confit tomato, smashed avocado, spinach and tomato relish on multigrain toast. The eggs were poached perfectly, and the avocado and cherry tomatoes in particular went really well with the bread, and definitely made you feel healthy. However, the relish was too large of a serving and felt a bit too sweet for the rest of the dish. 

The Salmon Scramble included scrambled eggs with mixed herbs, smoked salmon, spinach and dill creme fraiche (a type of sour cream) on toast. It was quite a tasty dish overall, but I couldn't really taste the mixed herbs in the scrambled eggs themselves, which was also a little less fluffier than I expected. Also, even though there were two pieces of bread to go with the dish, it still felt like there wasn't enough to go with the rest of the ingredients, as there was a rather large amount of spinach and salmon, on top of the scrambled eggs. 

To finish off our meal, we ordered hot chocolate ($4.50), which was nice and milky. It wasn't overly sweet, though I would've preferred more a chocolate taste, as I'm quite partial to sweet things.


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