Miss Jackson, St Kilda

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Located close to the famous Acland St Precinct in St Kilda, Miss Jackson is found in a little side street, and has a very homely comfortable feel to it. It is easy to miss this cafe if you're not looking closely, as the entrance is hidden away by a small flight of stairs and some plants. The reason for the homely feel is the design of the interior- simple and comfortable. It feels as if the original architecture of the building hasn't been changed- it's not just one big open space, more like several rooms. The staff were friendly and quite attentive, given we were in a more secluded area of the cafe, and it wasn't a very busy day. 

The dishes we ordered included a Potato and Leek hash with smashed peas, smoked trout and a poached egg ($18), a Warm Lentil Salad with roasted beetroot, carrots, yoghurt and dukkah ($15) and Spanish Baked Eggs with chorizo, char-grilled capsicum and olives ($16). 

The potato and leek hash dish was good overall, except that the hash itself had less crunch and flavour than expected, and there were a lot of small bones in the trout that had to be picked out, which was a little cumbersome. 

The salad was also a bit bland in general, despite all the different vegetables in it, even with the dukkah. Dukkah is an Egyptian side dish consisting of a mixture of herbs and spices. The amount of dukkah seemed too little for the whole dish, which was probably why it tasted bland. Also, the portion of salad didn't seem enough for the price, and you were left feeling not quite full. 

The spanish baked eggs were overall quite good, with runny egg yolks and good flavours. The char-grilled capsicum and caramelised onions were well done, though the chorizo was slightly less flavoured than what I am used to, and didn't have as much spice to it. Originally the two pieces of bread were placed right on top of the baked eggs, meaning the second piece of bread was slightly soggy, from coming into contact with the eggs, as well as from the drizzle of oil on top. 

As the portions didn't leave us feeling bloated, we decided to also order a brownie with walnut for dessert. There is a small section of muffins and dessert to choose from at the counter, though a lot was already sold out as we went for lunch, and the cafe is opened from 7am. The brownie was a good size to share between two, as it was quite dense and heavy. It wasn't too sweet though, and the walnuts mixed in it also gave it that balance from the chocolate being too overpowering.

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