The Maling Room, Canterbury

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The Maling Room is situated on Maling Road in Canterbury, a road that is quite well known in the area for its little shops and cafes. It's a cute little area with a taste of the olden days- none of the shops or cafes look too modern from an architectural perspective- it sort of reminds you of the more classic streets you'd perhaps expect in somewhere such as London.

The cafe itself used to be a Post Office, and still maintains the outer structure. There's an old fashioned feel to the cafe itself, and there's a really cool coffee machine at the counter that is definitely a couple of decades old. Service was really great, with attentive staff-  I was waiting for my friend and was approached by two different staff asking if I wanted anything to drink. Apparently the Maling Room is quite well known for its coffee, so if you go, I'd suggest you try it out! (Unfortunately, I'm not a coffee drinker myself).

My friend ordered a hot chocolate ($4.80) and one of their special muffins of the day (freshly baked), a banana and honeycomb one. The hot chocolate is also a specialty of The Maling Room; a Colombian Single Origin with organic Colombia Panela (a type of sugar cane), and came in quite a big sized mug. The taste was average, but definitely filling and value for money. The muffin was fresh, and you could tell that good quality walnuts (and other ingredients) were used in the making. However, it would've been nice if the muffin had been warmed up, or if we were given the option to have it cold or not. 

Looking on the menu, I noticed that one thing which stood out was that all of the egg dishes that included a poached egg had an asterisk next to it. This too, is a specialty of The Maling Room; all of their eggs are free range eggs that have been slow cooked at 63 degrees (celcius) for 90 minutes. Seeing as this was a specialty, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try a dish that included the egg, and decided on Eggs Benedict ($16.50). For this dish, you could choose whether you wanted smoked bacon or salmon, to go with the two eggs on hollandaise sauce, with spinach and two slices of sourdough bread. One of my eggs was unfortunately not runny, but still had that rich, orange colour, but the other egg yolk was perfect and oozed out over the bread when cut open. There was a large portion of both smoked salmon and spinach to go with the bread and egg, to the point even that I finished the bread and there was still quite a bit left over! The flavours were all great, and definitely left you feeling full. I felt the bread slices could've been slightly bigger though, as it seemed to be a bit out of proportion to how much salmon and spinach there was. 

The official website did not seem to be working at the time of this post, so if there's any inaccurate information I apologise! I'd recommend this cafe, as there is a good range of dishes to choose from, and there is also a specials menu for the day that includes a selection of lunch dishes and freshly baked goods. 

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