Graceland Cafe, Doncaster East

3/04/2013 , 0 Comments

Decided to venture out east and visit this cafe, as my friend had been a couple of times and thought it was something I would like. And I have to say, I completely agree! The prices were reasonable for the most part, and the food itself was really good. The atmosphere was good; the cafe itself was quite cosy and small, with really comfy seats.
My friend recommended I try their freshly squeezed juices as it was something they were known for, and so I did, and found that I really enjoyed it. There was a range of fruits and vegetables to choose from, including apple, orange, watermelon, pineapple, celery, carrot, beetroot and mint. What was great was that you could, for 50c extra, order a juice that was a combination of two or more of the above listed. However, these juices were a tad pricey in my opinion, as a glass of it cost me $6.50.

The two dishes we ordered were Terracotta Eggs ($15.50), and two eggs on toast with a range of ingredients to choose from to add according to your preferences. For these sides, we ordered a hash brown, mushrooms, rosti, capsicum, tomato and spinach, bringing the total for this dish up to $18.50. 

The poached eggs on toast were cooked well; not too runny or overdone, and the hash brown was really great as well. The mushrooms and the rosti were very flavoursome, and had great texture. Rosti is actually a Swiss dish that is similar to a fritter, but basically consists of grated potato that has been fried in a circular patty. 

The Terracotta Eggs consisted of two poached eggs, with salmon, spinach, rosti and hollandaise sauce, as well as a slice of toast. The traditional way of eating rosti is with eggs and spinach, so it was no surprise that the combination of these three, together with the salmon, made for a really great dish. The poached eggs were cooked perfectly, with the yolk half runny and half solid, allowing it to ooze down into the spinach and the rosti for a great mix of flavours. The salmon by itself was slightly salty, but mixed with a bite of toast, egg and rosti, you couldn't tell at all.

I would most likely visit this cafe again to try their other breakfast dishes, as there is quite a range for prices similar to that of the terracotta eggs, and the portions were just right, leaving you feeling satisfied but not overly full by the end of the meal.


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