Gang-nam Station, Box Hill

Was suggested to go to this place as it was a newly opened Korean and Japanese style restaurant, which is a nice change from all the Chinese places that the area is known for. The restaurant itself is quite small but seemingly cosy, with a huge open window in the front. Service was quite good for an Asian style restaurant, which after all, is not known for exceptional service, and we were given menus and glasses of water as soon as we sat down.

Despite the restaurant stating it was a fusion of Korean and Japanese food, it was still a mostly Korean restaurant in my opinion. The menu itself was displayed in English and Korean, and the name of the restaurant itself suggests the same. The only Japanese items I found in the menu were in the entree section, where you could order gyoza or takoyaki. Additionally, in spite of its location, the vast majority of foods on the menu were slightly pricier than your average Korean or Japanese dish.

We went here for dinner, and from the menu, decided it was more feasible for each person to order their own, as most dishes did not look to be shared. The three dishes we ordered were the Stone Bowl Bibimbap with Beef ($14), the Special Dokbokki ($15), and a Spicy Seafood Udon ($16).

The bibimbap was average; nothing about it really stood out from what you would typically expect from this dish. There was good flavours, but no wow factor. The Dokbokki, one of the restaurant's signature dishes, consisted of ricecakes, fishcakes and ramen noodles cooked with fresh vegetables, glazed with a boiled egg. It was quite spicy and salty, so if you like strong flavours and spices, this would be a good dish to order. The seafood udon consisted of two  of each of mussels, prawns, baby octopuses, and squid, as well as an assortment of vegetables. This would probably have to be my favourite of the three dishes, as you could really taste the flavours of udon broth that is more often served in a Japanese style (with soy sauce as a base), but at the same time it was spicy and included lots of ingredients. It really did feel like a fusion of Korean and Japanese flavours, which was definitely a plus.

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