Breakfast Thieves, Fitzroy

Went to this place because a friend suggested it, as she had read quite a few good reviews about it. Breakfast Thieves is located on Smith St in Collingwood, right near all the sporting outlets, and is about a two minute walk from the tram stop if you take tram 86.
The cafe wasn't very big, with an assortment of tables of different sizes that you could choose to sit at. There's also seating outdoors, but only if you are there for a table of two. We went on a weekday morning, so it wasn't very crowded, and did not have to wait long for our food. The atmosphere of the place is pretty good- there are large windows that allow for lots of light to enter, and you can see the chefs working on your dishes to one side. I've always like hearing the sounds of the kitchen, as it gives off a more comfortable, homely feel in my opinion. There was also a great little quote on the wall: 

"Chocolate is derived from cocoa beans. Bean is a vegetable. Sugar is derived from sugar cane. Cane is a vegetable. Thus, chocolate is a vegetable". 

As we were there before 11:30, the lunch option was not yet available, so we ordered three breakfast dishes, as well as a hot chocolate, skinny latte and an ice tea. I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but according to my friend, the coffee she had there was one of the better ones she'd had in Melbourne. 
What I love about the menu here is the names of the dishes. In accordance with the theme of 'thieves', many of the dishes are also named in a similar manner, such as 'Thieves on the Run', 'The Legend', 'The Leprechaun  and 'The Usual Suspects' just to name a few. The three dishes we ordered were the Brioche Pain Perdu ($16), The Leprechaun ($16.50) and The Legend ($18).

Brioche Pain Perdu consists of french toast, served with raspberry coulis soaked cherries, white chocolate mascarpone and candied pistachios. Although the portion of this dish did not seem very big, it actually left you feeling quite full in the end, because it is quite a sweet dish. The french toast was done very well- slightly crunchy yet soft at the same time, and the combination of sour cherries and sweet mascarpone went very well together. 

The Leprechaun consists of crisp sweet corn and goats' feta fritters, with warmed grapes and cherry tomato honey salsa, and a side of grilled asparagus and poached eggs. The eggs were cooked perfectly, with the yolk oozing out when you cut into it, and the mix of grapes and cherry tomatoes made for a refreshing and not too heavy dish.

The Legend consists of spicy baked eggs with Spanish chorizo, roasted mushrooms, green peas and goats' feta, served with herbed garlic toast. This was a really great dish, and definitely worth the money, as apart from the baked eggs, you had two slices of the garlic toast as well. The baked eggs were quite spicy, so if you can't really take it then this might not be the dish for you. I really liked the combination of chorizo and mushroom with peas to have with the eggs- which again, were also cooked to perfection. The toast also combined well when dipped in the sauce, and relieved some of the spiciness when it got too much. They also tasted great by themselves as there was heaps of herbs and the garlic-y taste, and the bread itself wasn't too tough or hard to chew.

I will definitely visit this cafe again, to try out the other menu items in both breakfast and lunch, and highly recommend this cafe for everyone.  

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