Bar Bosh, Wantirna South

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Went to this place for a catch up with a few friends, and to see what there was in this area of town. The service was mostly good, except we did have this one waitress who was rather rude and gave off a vibe that she did not want to serve us. The atmosphere was pretty good, and the restaurant was big enough that although it was quite full, conversations did not need to carried on loudly.
Upon looking at the menu, I was slightly surprised to find that the prices of both entrees and mains were rather expensive. In particular, main dishes all looked to be in the mid $20s at least, which I did not expect. We decided as a result to share everything, as there was a good range of entrees to choose from. Among five of us, we ordered seven dishes; five entrees and two mains. It may seem like a lot, but as we were reminded by the waitress, most entree dishes only came in servings of three, which would not be enough for all of us.

The entrees we ordered included a trio of dips with pita bread ($18.50 + $5 for extra pita bread), lamb meatballs in rich tomato sugo topped with fresh parmesan and warm turkish bread ($13.90), grilled lamb skewers with capsicum and onion marinated in honey and chilli, served with saffron rice and mint tzatziki ($14.90), smoked chicken, bacon and procini mushroom fritters with mixed cheeses, topped with aioli ($11.90), and also cheesy deep fried risotto balls with capsicum, basil and parmesan salsa, topped with aioli ($11.90). 

The three dips we chose were the red capsicum, eggplant and pumpkin. My favourite one by far was the pumpkin dip, as the sweetness of the pumpkin went really well with the soft pita bread. The eggplant dip was alright, but the red capsicum dip was too strong in flavour for my liking, as I'm not really a big fan of the vegetable. One thing I noted was that if you didn't order the dip in the trio, but instead chose only one type of dip, it was stated on the menu that it did not include pita bread, and you would have to order it separately for extra. The dips on their own cost about $5-6, and adding the bread added it up to about $11, which I thought was a bit pricey.

My favourite entree would definitely be the risotto balls, which was packed with flavour and had heaps of cheese in it. It was slightly crunchy due to the fried batter to keep the risotto ball together, but this didn't overtake the flavours of the risotto itself. The meatballs were also really good, and you could really taste the lamb in them. 

For main, we decided to go with two of the turkish pizzas: the spiced chicken with bacon, guacamole, spring onions and sour cream ($21.90), and the spit roast lamb with rocket and tzatziki ($22.90). Both pizzas were delicious, with the flavours and textures of the different ingredients mixing together really well on a thin base. 

We probably ordered slightly too much to eat, and could have done without the extra pita bread. We were actually surprised there was so much pita bread as when the dish first came, the amount we were given looked to be twice what you would normally expect, and afterwards the staff came and gave us the extra we had asked for. 

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