The Hardware Societe, CBD

2/13/2013 , 1 Comments

Been wanting to go to this place for ages - basically everyone who has been has raved about it, and as one of Melbourne's Top 10 Eats on Urbanspoon, I was really excited to go to Hardware Societe. And for the most, I was impressed and understood why it was such a well loved placed. We went on a Tuesday morning around 10:30, and luckily didn't have to wait for a table.

I loved the atmosphere of the place, it was very bright and open with lots of chatter due to the many customers having breakfast. The staff were friendly, though we did have a problem of having to wait for a bit to order. I always seem to have this problem though- when the staff initially come and ask to take your order and you haven't decided yet, so they ignore you for the next fifteen minutes at least. We were sitting at a communal table which had randomly, a huge watermelon right next to us. There was also a dish of butter and an assortment of jams that you could place on your bread if you wished. 

We ordered two coffees ($3.50 each) and a hot chocolate ($4.50), and all decided to go with baked eggs as that was what Hardware Societe is most well known for. The hot chocolate was very unique- unlike other cafes, it came with chocolate powder and what seemed to be a piece of white chocolate in the mug, and steamed chocolate milk on the side that you could pour in at your own pace. It may be too sweet of a drink for some, but I found it to be perfect as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. It was also great value for money- there was enough chocolate milk that you could have two cups full. 

The two baked eggs we ordered ($17 each) were the vegetarian option that came with tomato sauce, zucchini, fresh basil leaves and le delice des cremiers brie. The other option came with chorizo sausage, piquillo pimento sauce, crunchy almonds and queso de cabra goat's milk cheese. Both came with three slices of bread on the side, which went really well when dipped in the pot of baked eggs/ sauce. The bread was tough and hard to chew, but was slightly better with the help of some butter. The baked eggs itself was not done too well however, and lacked consistency. Two out of three orders of baked eggs were overcooked, yet the other was very runny. In terms of flavours though, the chorizo went really well with the piquillo pimento sauce (a type of Spanish pepper) and cheese, though the chorizo was quite spicy! The vegetarian baked eggs was also very good- the zucchini wasn't overcooked and too soft, and soaked up the flavour of the tomato very well.

What I also liked about Hardware Societe was the selection of random products they had on sale near the counter. They were mostly french products, including jams, biscuits, mustard and oils to name a few. There was also a wall full of cups behind where they were making coffee, which was really cool. I will definitely visit the cafe again to try their other breakfast items for sure!

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  1. Ha ha, glad to hear you finally made it in! The hot chocolate sounds delicious :) I thought you might have been posting more photos of food than usual so this blog solves the mystery. It looks great, keep up the good work xoxo

    P.S. what does 'delicatesses' mean?


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