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We decided to try The Red Spice Road because of its special 'Express Banquet' menu, giving you the chance to try an appetiser and three mains of your choice, all for $25 pp (or five mains of your choice for $30pp). This is definitely value for money, as the shared mains are usually above $30 per dish, plus the portions are all quite large- to the point where we could not even finish the three mains between two people. We went on a Wednesday night before 6pm, and there was already quite a few tables filled with people. This may be because in order to order from the Express Banquet, you had to order before 6pm, and if the restaurant became full, would have to leave by 7pm. 

The atmosphere was quite lively, with the sounds of people's conversations, but not to the point where it became too loud. The service was great, and the staff were friendly- they came to refill our water every ten or so minutes.

The appetiser was a betel leaf with spicy minced pork and crispy school prawn. This felt similar to eating a San Choi Bao, with minced ingredients that ensured every mouthful was packed with flavour and textures.

For the main, we decided on a Lemongrass chilli chicken with coconut water, green onion and coriander, as well as the Wagyu meatball, potato and basil yellow curry, and the Barramundi, cucumber, chilli, mint, coriander and coconut salad. There was also a large bowl of jasmine rice included with the mains.

My favourite was probably the wagyu meatball, as I am a big fan of curries. I am more accustomed to eating curry with chicken or pork, but I found the wagyu meatballs went equally well with it. The curry itself was great, with lots of flavour, but not too spicy as it was only a yellow curry. The lemongrass chicken was an okay dish, it didn't particularly stand out to me, as some of the meat tender but some felt more dry, and it lacked flavour. The barramundi salad was very refreshing, in particular paired together with the cucumber and mint. If you are a fan of coriander, the chicken and barramundi dishes will definitely be something you want to try out.

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  1. Diplomatically said there about the coriander:D mmm the betel leaf appetizer was amazing from memory!


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