Prospect Espresso, Camberwell

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Almost missed this place because it's so small and cosy! Prospect Espresso is a small cafe location in the heart of Camberwell's shopping/eating area, opposite Sportsgirl and Vic Roads next to the post office. We visited on a weekday around noon, and luckily were directed to a space for three in the main communal table. It was already quite full at that time, and as we were eating there was lots of bustling as customers moved in and out. 

The atmosphere in the cafe is quite cheerful and bright, but it does feel slightly squished, particularly when you sit at the communal table. The service was very good, with friendly and laid back staff. A plus of this cafe is that their breakfast menu is offered until 3pm, which is great as many places only offer breakfast until about 11:30am at the latest. 

The dishes we ordered were a 'Salmon on dark rye with avocado and greens' ($14), 'Breakfast roll with bacon, poached egg and hollandaise sauce' ($12), and the 'Omelette with salmon and chives' ($14). On first look, the salmon on dark rye may not seem like a large portion of food considering the price, but it does fill you up and doesn't leave you feeling like you need something else. It was a good dish that definitely made you feel more healthy, but the rye was slightly tough, particularly on the edges. 

The breakfast roll was also quite good value for money, and the egg was cooked perfectly- runny egg yolk! The seeds on top of the bun may look a bit much, but you find that you don't actually notice the taste when you're eating the roll, together with the bacon and poached egg. 

The salmon omelette also came with a thick slice of buttered sourbread toast on the side to accompany, which was a nice unexpected surprise. What I liked about this dish was that there was actual slices of salmon wrapped in the whole omelette, but there was hardly any chives until I got to the end of the omelette. The toast ensured that the dish left you feeling full, but not to the point of being bloated.

I will most likely visit this cafe again in the future to try some of their other foods, including what appears to be the famous 'Prospect Burger' with chips- have a look on urbanspoon for a photo if you're interested!

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