Oriental Spoon, CBD

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Have been meaning to go to this place for awhile now, but hadn't had much luck due to the sheer size of our group outings! Today however, was good timing, and we even got a table for four even though there was only two of us.

The atmosphere is like that of a typical Korean restaurant, though it seemed brighter, with all the big windows allowing light to stream in. As you'd expect in a Korean restaurant, there was Korean BBQ available, and so it's probably not the best idea to wear your fanciest clothes, as the smell may cling to it. The service was good, and the staff were very friendly, even when we were paying the bill. 

My friend had been suggested a couple of dishes by another friend, which is what we ended up ordering. The Beef Stone Bowl Bibimbap, Jap Chae, and Seafood Pancakes. We also ordered Grape Bong Bong, a lovely refreshing fruity drink with actual grapes inside. 

The portions were slightly bigger than expected, and we probably ordered one dish too many. Nonetheless, the dishes were all very flavoursome, and came with side dishes of kimchi, bean shoots and bean curd, which went really well with our orders. My favourite dish of the meal was probably the Jap Chae, which has Korean style noodles made of sweet potato, together with thin slices of green capsicum, beans, onions, mushrooms and carrots. There was a slight sweet taste to the dish due to the special sauce it had been mixed it, but not to the point where it was too strong. The seafood pancake came in four smaller portions on a bed of salad leaves, and consisted of actual visible bits of prawn, baby octopus, and squid.  

Bibimbap is a traditional Korean dish with a rice base and seasonal vegetables such as cucumber, bean shoots, and zucchini. It also has bulgogi- meat of your choice (in our case, beef), and an egg on top. The way to eat bibimbap is to mix all the ingredients together thoroughly before you begin, so as to get a nice mash up of flavours and textures in every bite. The bibimbap also came with chilli sauce and soy sauce on the side, which you could add in for those who like some extra flavour. Also accompanying the dish was a small bowl of seaweed soup with slices of bean curd, which is refreshing to have every few bites of bibimbap. 

I will definitely visit this restaurant again, as I am a fan of the cuisine, so that I can try out some of their other dishes. However, a small downside is that it is slightly more pricey- for all this to share, each of us to pay $25. 

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