Mr Tulk, CBD

2/16/2013 , 0 Comments

I've actually been to this place a couple of times now, for both breakfast and lunch, because it has a good variety of foods as well as a specials menus that is updated every so often. Mr Tulk is the cafe connected to the State Library, and has seats both inside and out. The atmosphere of the cafe is great as it's very bright and spaced out, and the staff are all quite friendly. 
We ordered a gnocchi pomodoro with fresh ricotta, parmesan and basil ($15), a duck salad with peach, shaved almonds and lomo ($20), as well as a salmon gravlax with shaved fennel, egg and capers with grilled bread ($15). The pasta dish was average- the gnocchi was too soft, and would've been better had it been closer to al dente, and the parmesan didn't really retrench the flavour. The taste of fresh tomatoes was really nice, but felt too blended by the end of the meal.

The duck for the salad was tender, and the skin was perfectly crispy and not tough at all. The peaches that came with it however, were slightly too hard and sour, but overall it was a great dish, though slightly pricey.

The salmon gravlax was a very light, refreshing dish, with the thin slices of salmon going very well with the fennel, onion and egg. The grilled bread was good for ensuring you felt full from the meal, though was slightly too well done- I could taste the strong burnt-ness of it on both of my pieces. The eggs were done perfectly with the yolk just slightly runny.

I will most definitely visit this cafe again as they have a great range of dishes as well as desserts, so it's good for going any time of day for a whole meal or just afternoon tea.

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