High Tea at Sofi Lounge, CBD

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Haven't been to High Tea in awhile, and decided to go to the Sofi Lounge at Sofitel Hotel on Collins St. We went on a Friday afternoon, and found that it was relatively empty. The lounge is very spacious, and the couches were super comfy, but in terms of the actual High Tea itself, I didn't think find that wow factor I was looking for. 

The atmosphere was good, and the staff were friendly and attentive. As we were there on a weekday, the High Tea Set we got was the $45pp Weekday Afternoon Tea, which consisted of finger sandwiches, fruit scones and a selection of pastries and cakes. The High Tea also included a glass of champagne and unlimited tea or coffee of your choice.

There was five different types of finger sandwiches, including roast beef and horseradish; cucumber, cream cheese and chives; free range crushed egg mayonnaise and cress; artisan smoked leg ham with dijon mustard and Tasmania smoked salmon with black pepper and lemon. My favourite was the smoked leg ham sandwich, which went really well with the Dijon mustard; I found the salmon one slightly salty, and the roast beef roll was a bit dry and tough. 

The fruit scones came with three different types of spreads, including a King Island pure cream, strawberry preserve, and lemon curd. All three tasted good, but my favourite would have to be the lemon curd, which went surprisingly well with a fruit scone- the acidicness of the lemon curd balanced out the sweetness of the sultanas. The strawberry preserve however, was a little too runny for my liking, and the scones felt a bit dry as well. 

The selection of pastries and cakes we got included a lime cheesecake, banana cake, honey cake, strawberry tart, chocolate mousse tart and a opera cake. Overall, the dessert was quite sweet, apart from the lime cheesecake which was rather sour. My favourite would have to be the two chocolate based desserts, as their level of sweetness was somewhat to be expected. However, we felt like we had to wash most of the other desserts down with either the tea, champagne or water, otherwise it felt like it was slightly leaning towards sickly sweet. The plating could've been a bit better, and having to share this plate of dessert between three people felt slightly awkward at times as everything had to be cut into three, meaning you only got a small bite of everything. 

The Sofi Lounge has quite an extensive 'Jing Tea' selection which we could choose from that was included in the afternoon tea, including white tea, black tea and green tea. We decided on the 'Silver Needle' white tea and the 'Gen Mai Cha' green tea. The Silver Needle is supposedly the most famous white tea in the world, with a sweet mellow taste and low levels of caffeine. I really enjoyed this tea, and felt it was very refreshing. It was quite a light tea, which was perfect for an afternoon drink. The Gen Mai Cha is a vibrant green tea that is blended with rice kernels, giving it quite a strong aroma and taste. 

I mostly likely would not visit the Sofi Lounge again if I were to have High Tea. Given the price, the quality of the food itself did not feel up to the standard, and I was a bit  disappointed. We also had a problem of a fly and another small insect that kept flying around our food, and at one point even landed on our sandwich. We also saw a sparrow in the lounge, which was surprising as the lounge itself is on the first floor and not directly accessible from outside. The staff did not seem to mind that there was the bird or flies in the room, even though all our food was out in the open. 

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