Crabapple Kitchen, Hawthorn

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Decided to go to this place because I've heard it's quite good, plus driving past one weekday around lunchtime and saw a queue of people waiting to eat. Crabapple Kitchen is situated in the heart of the Glenferrie/ Hawthorn's shopping district, pretty close to Glenferrie station. It's a pretty small cafe that's easy to miss, squished between the Westpac and Commonwealth Banks. 

The cafe itself may seem small upon first entering, but it actually goes pretty far back and can cater for large groups of people. We went on a Sunday for an early lunch, and only had to wait about ten minutes for a table for three, having not already booked beforehand. The place was quite full at that time already, and many people were also getting coffee to go. The service was really good, with friendly staff. One particular thing that surprised me with respect to the service was that upon being asked to move to a slightly smaller table so they could cater for a group of eight people, we were provided with a glass of complementary champagne each. We would've happily changed tables without being given anything, so this was a nice surprise. 

The atmosphere of the cafe was very nice, and for the two or so hours we were there, always seemed to be full. Conversations were going on all around the cafe, yet it wasn't so loud that you couldn't have your own conversations without raising your voices. As the lunch menu didn't start until 11:30, we went with breakfast menu (all day) instead, and I found that what was interesting about their menu was the fact that they had more unique dishes, and not just the traditional few breakfast items. There was also a 'FoodandTravelCo's Breakfast Experience from their travels' section, which included more exotic dishes from other countries around the world. 

The three dishes we ordered were the Myrtleford Buttermilk Pancakes with strawberries, pistachio nut praline, whipped lemon mascarpone and pure Canadian maple syrup ($16.50), Avocado on olive toast with Meredith Dairy soft feta, lemon, chilli, mint, avocado oil and a poached egg ($19.50), and the Vegeterian 'Big Brekky', consisting of two eggs on sourdough with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and buttered spinach ($17.50). 

The portions were all quite big, to the point where we were pushing ourselves to finish the meal. The pancakes were quite dense, as the strawberries were incorporated into them instead of being served on the side, but together with the mascarpone and syrup made for a filling dish. The lemon mascarpone was really lovely, and also had a hint of vanilla in it. The avocado on toast was great dish too, with the egg done perfectly and the combination of feta with the avocado and toast worked very well. The big brekky was also quite good, with the mushrooms and buttered spinach very flavoursome.

I will most definitely visit this cafe again, to try some of their other dishes, whether it be breakfast or lunch. The dishes are slightly pricey, but for the portions you receive, it's not too bad. I would definitely recommend this cafe!

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