Sunday, 29 March 2015

Krimper Cafe, CBD

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Krimper is a warehouse style cafe located in the CBD, in a small street off an alleyway on La Trobe St, close to where Shortstop Donuts is located. The cafe has a really interesting design concept with its brick walls and simple lighting, creating a warm and welcoming environment that at the same time looks rustic and old fashioned with its warehouse, open style decor. The cafe can be a little hard to find, as there's only a small pink sign above the entrance.

In the middle of cafe is a really cool shed like dining booth that can seat up to four people, and the rest of the cafe is filled with an assortment of communal and smaller tables. Upbeat music plays softly in the background, and the cafe itself had a constant stream of people coming in and out, but it was never completely full, giving it a relaxed feel.  We went around 11am on a Sunday and didn't have to wait at all for a table.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Tree of Us, Richmond

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Tree of Us is a small burger joint/cafe in Richmond on Church St, on the tram 78/79 line or a five minute walk from the tram 109 line. The cafe prides itself on 'Sustainable sourced burgers and coffee everyday', and also has a good range of breakfast dishes to choose from. All burgers at Tree of Us are served on a noisettes brioche bun, and the beef patties served pink, so you'll have to tell them if you want it to be well cooked.

The cafe is actually a lot smaller than I thought - for some reason I was under the impression that it was a really large burger joint, so was quite surprised when I walked in. The cafe itself has a really cosy and simple design, with posters adorning the walls and 80s music playing in the background. This contrasts to most burger places I've been to, with upbeat music and a busy, bustling atmsophere. Tree of Us has a more relaxed environment, and although there were constant streams of people coming in and out, it never got super busy or crowded.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Glass Merchants, Balaclava

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Glass Merchants is an all day eatery/cafe in Balaclava, located on Nelson Street just off Carlisle Street. It's a five minute walk from Balaclava Station on the Sandringham line, and also easily accessible by tram 16. The cafe is best known for its use of local produce, and for its speciality coffees.

The cafe itself has a really chic interior, having been transformed into a cafe from a warehouse. There are colourful decorations all around, with a bunch of umbrellas to one side, plants hanging from the ceilings and music playing in the background. The cafe is brightly lit, and has a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. We went around 1045am on a Sunday and didn't have to wait for a table, being seated at the long communal table near the entrance.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Vegie Bar, Fitzroy

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Vegie Bar is probably one of the most well known vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Melbourne, located in Fitzroy on Brunswick St. It's easily accessible by tram 11 towards West Preston, just across the road from stop 17. It's on the same strip of road as the gelato place N2, and further up the street is Hammer and Tong, another popular cafe that I've blogged about before.

The restaurant may not look very big when you first enter and the tables do look quite close to one another, but once you actually sat down, it was okay. There's a rustic, old school feel to this restaurant that's actually been around for twenty or so years, with a lively atmosphere from customers having meals or just a drink at the bar. Although it was very busy and seemed to be quite noisy, we didn't have to raise our voices to hear each other.

Merchants Guild, East Bentleigh

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Merchants Guild is a popular cafe in East Bentleigh best known for its coffees and teas, and a good range of breakfast and lunch dishes. It's probably easiest to access by car, though you can also take the 703 bus towards Blackburn.

We went at about 1pm on a Sunday and there was quite a bit of a wait for a table inside, so we decided to sit outside as the weather wasn't too bad. It was probably better sitting outside as when we went inside to pay, it was a little noisy with all the customers. As it was such a busy place, there was a significant wait for ordering and for our food to come, though the staff did mention this to us.