Sunday, 3 May 2015

The Foodrinkery, Burwood

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The Foodrinkery is a small cafe in Burwood, just off Warrigal Road past Riversdale Road. It's in quite a hidden place, next to a park with two or three other shops, and you wouldn't think to find such a great little cafe there.

The cafe has a really friendly, family style vibe to it, with a homely feeling to it from the service of the staff, to the mismatched plates and glasses that our food and drinks came in. There's a lot of quirky decorations up on the walls, and a ladder with small trinkets hangs from the ceiling near the middle tables. There's seating outdoors at the front and back of the cafe, which is great for the warmer weather.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

CH James, Fairfield

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CH James is one of the many cafes in the Fairfield shopping strip on Station St, close to the Fairfield train station. It prides itself on a place to relax, with a great menu compiled of dishes using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

We went around 11:30am and luckily didn't have to wait at all for a table. There's plenty of room inside and in the garden courtyard, and we decided to sit outside as it was a nice day. The design in the interior is quite simple, except for the cool decorations on one of the walls, in particular the farming tools such as the huge pitchfork and baskets. The decor of the garden courtyard was also quite simple but with a summery feel, with lots of plants, flowers and big umbrellas over the tables. The atmosphere was very relaxed and laid back, and didn't have the busy hustle and bustle of some cafes I've been to, even though it was quite filled with people when we were there.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hakata Gensuke, CBD

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Hakata Gensuke Ramen is a popular Japanese Ramen Bar in the CBD, on Russell St in between Bourke and Little Bourke St, with a new store recently opening on Glenferrie Road in Hawthorn. A friend of mine recommended this place awhile back, and I finally got around to trying it. In terms of authenticity, this is probably one of the best ramen bars I've been to in Melbourne, though there is always quite a bit of a wait for a table as it is quite popular.

We went around 630pm on a Saturday and had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, and this was only because we went with one of their specialty ramens (that costs a little more) and got to sit upstairs, instead of waiting for a table downstairs. The restaurant itself isn't very big, but the turnaround is quite fast that you'd probably have to wait half an hour at most for a table, providing you're not in a very large group. There's a very authentic feel to the restaurant; you're greeted by all the staff in japanese as soon as you walk in, and japanese music plays softly in the background. The history of Hakata Gensuke is displayed in large canvases on the walls, and there's a TV on one side that plays a simple explanation of the restaurant and how its ramen is made.

Hen's Nights and Kitchen Teas

Last weekend, I was at a hen's night and kitchen tea for one of my closest friends from high school, and it was such a fun filled event that I had to write a blog post about it to share with all of you. I didn't really take any notes on the night, so most of this is based on the many photos I took and what I can remember off the top of my head.

We started off with Korean BBQ at Guhng, a popular restaurant in the CBD just off Bourke St between Elizabeth and Queen St. We were lucky enough to be seated on the very top floor, which was pretty much like having our own area, and they even had a cute sign above the bar congratulating the bride to be! I'd been to Guhng for lunch once, but didn't realise how big the place actually was - there's so many levels above the initial entrance and lower level. The staff were very friendly with good service, and it didn't feel like we had to wait very long for our food to arrive.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Krimper Cafe, CBD

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Krimper is a warehouse style cafe located in the CBD, in a small street off an alleyway on La Trobe St, close to where Shortstop Donuts is located. The cafe has a really interesting design concept with its brick walls and simple lighting, creating a warm and welcoming environment that at the same time looks rustic and old fashioned with its warehouse, open style decor. The cafe can be a little hard to find, as there's only a small pink sign above the entrance.

In the middle of cafe is a really cool shed like dining booth that can seat up to four people, and the rest of the cafe is filled with an assortment of communal and smaller tables. Upbeat music plays softly in the background, and the cafe itself had a constant stream of people coming in and out, but it was never completely full, giving it a relaxed feel.  We went around 11am on a Sunday and didn't have to wait at all for a table.