Industry Beans, Fitzroy

Industry Beans is a popular cafe in Fitzroy best known for its coffee (as the name suggests) and asian inspired dishes. Despite not being a coffee drinker, I had a great experience here, even trying out a coffee themed dessert that was really enjoyable. Industry Beans is about a five to ten minute walk from the nearest tram stop on the 96 line towards Brunswick East, and there's also plenty of parking on the side streets.

There was about a ten minute wait for a table when we went at 12:30pm on a Sunday, and we were seated in the shaded area with heaps of glass, so you felt like you were sitting outside but at the same time protected from the heat/sun. There was a very summery feel to the whole cafe in the area we were sitting in, from the open space layout and the plants. The interior of the cafe is more warehouse looking, with the tall ceilings and overall decor. Service was good, and we didn't have to wait too long for our food.

Red Cup Cafe, Box Hill

Red Cup is a large cafe in the Box Hill area, close by to the shopping district just past the Town Hall. The experience I had here was average, and there are definitely some improvements that could be made in terms of service.

The cafe itself is very spacious and big, with a rustic feel due to the brick wall decor in place. There's plenty of seating both inside and out, so perfect for this summer weather. It was quite packed when we went, and felt quite lively with all the chatter from the tables of people. Service was okay, but the staff could have been more attentive in our opinion - I asked for mushrooms as extras with my dish and got spinach instead, and also, I was not done eating when the staff tried to take my plate away without asking first if I was still going. Also, when we first sat down, we said we didn't want any coffee/drinks, and the staff looked at us in confusion for awhile, before asking if we wanted to order food, which I was a bit surprised about.

Naughty Boy Cafe, Princes Hill

Naughty Boy Cafe has become very popular in the past couple of months because of their insane milkshakes, so I was really excited to try it out, and was not disappointed. From presentation to flavour, this was everything you'd wish for in a dessert style milkshake. The cafe is located in Princes Hill/Carlton North, just off a tram stop on line 1 or 8.

There wasn't too long of a wait for a table when we went on a weekend - fifteen minutes at most. The cafe is very large and despite it being filled with people and having quite a loud environment, we could still hear each other relatively well as it was spacious enough. One of the walls is furnished with just bricks, giving it a rustic contrast to the rest of the cafe with its white walls. The decor is simple, with beams of lights hanging from the ceiling on wooden poles, and not much else decoration wise. The staff were friendly and attentive, and our milkshakes came quite quickly after we ordered, though food took about 40 minutes after that.

Welcome to 2016!

New year, new look! The blog has undergone a revamp and I'm so excited to share the brand new website with all of you! A lot of work has been put into this and hopefully it's a lot more easy to navigate and look for specific things. Please have a look around, I'd love to know what you think!

Sonido, Fitzroy

Sonido is a South American restaurant on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, easily accessible by tram 86/96 and a short walk from the Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum. I was going to an event at the REB and stumbled across this restaurant closeby, and was really impressed and happy with my experience here.

From the moment you step into Sonido, you feel like you're in South America; the whole place feels really authentic, from the upbeat latina music playing in the background to the decorations on the walls. The whole restaurant has a very vibrant feel, reflected in the choice of colours on the walls and the decor of plants sitting in shelves on the walls. The staff were very friendly, and the overall service was good.

Jinda Thai, Abbotsford

Jinda Thai is a famous Thai restaurant in the Richmond/Abbotsford area, with one of its most popular dishes being the layered crepe cake. I'd been wanting to try this place as I had heard lots of great reviews of it, and was very happy with my experience.

We went just before 12pm on a Saturday, and luckily didn't have to wait at all for a table. As we were leaving though, there were definitely people waiting around, so I'd suggest going early for either lunch or dinner, if you don't want to wait too long. The service was relatively quick, and the staff were friendly. The place appears to have been converted into a restaurant from an old warehouse or some sort of large open area, and the brick walls with the large windows on one side gave the place a rustic feel. It was a little more on the cosy side with the tables all being quite close together, but not that you'd feel uncomfortable. The atmosphere was very lively, and you could tell that it was popular place for large gatherings.

Dip in Cafe, CBD

Dip In Cafe is a large, spacious cafe on McKillop St in the CBD just off Bourke Street, between Elizabeth and Queen St. It's on the same street as Red Spice Road, Goong, and a few other eateries, and the concept of the dishes here are really interesting and different.

The entrance of the cafe leads to a wide, downstairs area with a couple of small tables, before opening out into a larger area with booths lining three sides and a large communal table in the middle, and there's also seating outside the cafe itself. There's really cool artwork along one whole wall, and there's a sort of old school and also slightly American feel to the place with the wooden booths in particular. Lights hang from the ceiling and the upbeat music gives off a South American/Jamaican vibe.

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